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    Our Company carries out education and training of bookkeeping staff of economic agents, that starts from the estimation of professional knowledge level. Judging by the estimation results, we develop individual or group educational programs with obligatory future Customer’s confirmation. After representing each theme with Customer confirmation (claim) we carry out intermediate knowledge estimation and acquired skills. After full educational course we carry out repeated knowledge estimation of bookkeeping staff.

    Our Company also carries out topical seminars on economic agent’s order as well as traveling seminars, as at the entity. Topics and seminars agenda previously will be confirmed with a Customer.

    Seminars topics:

  1. “We are waiting for inspector”, deals with the correctness of procedures that accompany the access to tax inspection and it’s carrying out.
  2. “Assets recognition, bookkeeping and tax aspects”, deals with the correctness of distribution of capital assets on groups, calculating of depreciation, its acquiring and realization.
  3. “Value growth of supplies”. It is important to know”, deals with the correctness of sum definition as to the balance sheet value of the supplies and its influence on tax report.
  4. “What does it mean supplies at the entity?” deals with the qualification and supplies transaction at the entity, original processing.
  5. “Securities. Theirs accounting and tax assessment”.
  6. “With what deals “own capital”, classification of own capital and its forming.

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